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  • How can I Register?
  • Can I get Sponsorship/Funding to attend?
  • What is the purpose of the forum?
  • What is the process for registering interest as a speaker at SEWF 2019?
How can I Register?
Thank you for your interest in attending this historic forum. You can book your seat by registering at www.sewf2019.org/about/register-now/. All registrations have fee details and we have suitable payment system in place for both local and international attendees. Please make sure to follow the instructions to secure your seat. Once you book your seat by registering in our system, your registration stays active for 2 weeks in order to complete any remaining payments.  If you are able to put your payment during that period, you will receive a confirmation and an official receipt issued to your account.  Due to the very high demand for this event, we will be forced to cancel your booking if the payment is not being made in two weeks. Please note that you can re-register and book your place in this historic event as long as the event is not fully booked.
Can I get Sponsorship/Funding to attend?
The forum has a registration fee with discounted rates and early bird registration fees. The logistics and costs involved in staging the largest global event in the social enterprise calendar in 2019 are considerable. Planning takes two years, and related costs of delivering SEWF 2019 are high. 72% of the costs will be met by sponsorship, and 28% of the event costs will be met by delegate and exhibitor ticket purchases. Unfortunately, currently we do not have funding or sponsorship available for registration.
What is the purpose of the forum?
To give you a bit of a background on the forum, the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is the leading forum for international exchange and collaboration in social entrepreneurship and social investment. The success of the event in galvanising the global movement of social enterprise has created a platform for learning, sharing of good practice, ideas and creating partnerships, has made it the main forum for the social enterprise sector. The annual event was first held in Edinburgh in 2008 and has since been held on six continents. For SEWF partners and participants, the event will be a rich opportunity to: build networks and partnerships, showcase innovations and thought leadership, support policy and systems change, develop individual learning, and build institutional capacity building The forum has the following activities as part of it: a youth week; academic symposium; policy forum; exhibitions; African themed reception; Ethiopian cultural evening; and urban and rural study tours. To find out more updates and program details please visit www.sewf2019.org.
What is the process for registering interest as a speaker at SEWF 2019?
Thank you for your interest in the Social Enterprise World Forum 2019. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting nominations for speakers. However, we do hope you will still join us at the event where there will be plenty of opportunities for participation, including open sessions which can be organised through the event app by any delegate, in session Q&As, participative workshops and with plenty of networking opportunities. Thanks again for your interest in SEWF and we hope to see you in Addis Ababa in October.

  • What is the requirement to attend the forum?
  • About Social Enterprise Ethiopia
  • Will there be any bursary/scholarship available?
What is the requirement to attend the forum?
The conference is open for all participants with a small registration fee. To attend the forum, please register online. You can book your seat at https://www.sewf2019.org/about/register-now/
About Social Enterprise Ethiopia
The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is the right platform to meet with likeminded people from around the globe at different stages in their impact driven enterprises. Moreover, in Ethiopia there is an association you can link with to find out more. Social Enterprise Ethiopia (SEE) was set up by seven visionary social entrepreneurs in 2019 to develop the social enterprise sector in Ethiopia. SEE brings together the larger community of social enterprises, aspiring social entrepreneurs, government bodies, supportive organizations and individuals through our various programs, initiatives and events to help build a vibrant social enterprise ecosystem. As a membership body, SEE supports members on their journeys from set-up to growth and expansion through its growing networks. You can get in touch with the association to find out more: Website:  www.socialenterpriseethiopia.org Contact Number:  +251 90 079 9877 Facebook page: www.facebook.com/seethiopia/
Will there be any bursary/scholarship available?
Currently, we have no bursaries to offer. If any become available we will promote through our website (www.sewf2019.org), mailing channels and our partners. We are also in dialogue with international partners to create overseas bursaries to assist international attendance. Most of these initiatives will be locally managed, but if there are any international bursary opportunities available to overseas delegates, we will promote these on the SEWF2019 website and through our promotional channels.