DAY 2 / Thursday, Oct 24

Full Plenary

Social enterprises driving the fight for gender equality

James Mitchell, Buildher / Orkidstudio (Kenya) – DOWNLOAD
Ellen Chilemba, Tiwale (Malawi) – DOWNLOAD
Lynda Toussaint, Unjani Clinics NPC (South Africa) – RED DOWNLOAD


Innovation in youth engagement

Michal Luptak, Dlala Nje (South Africa) – DOWNLOAD
Audrey Tang, Digital Minister (Taiwan) – DOWNLOAD
Mirabelle Morah, Blank Paperz (Nigeria) – DOWNLOAD


Social enterprises addressing the challenges of migration

Mariana Brilhante, SPEAK (Portugal) – DOWNLOAD
Valerienne Maltemps, Inyenyeri (Rwanda) – DOWNLOAD
Charlie Fraser, TERN (UK) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Social enterprise – a model for charities to be enterprising and sustainable?

Mulugeta Gebru, JECCDO (Ethiopia) –  DOWNLOAD
Dulma Clark, Soul of Africa by Vivobarefoot (Ethiopia/UK) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Social impact measurement – approaches and frameworks for demonstrating value

Jonathan Coburn, Social Enterprise Institute UK (UK) – DOWNLOAD
Tracey Gilmore, The Clothing Bank (South Africa) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Engaging with traditional knowledge and indigenous resources

Zumra Nuru Muhamed, Awra Amba Community (Ethiopia) – DOWNLOAD


Ageing better – innovative social enterprise approaches

Zoe Chan, PuYU Horticultural Therapy Services (Hong Kong) –  DOWNLOAD
Terefe Worku, Eneredada Elder People Association (Ethiopia) – DOWNLOAD


Models for growth – social enterprise experiences

Ahmed Smiley, Siyafunda Community Technology Centre (South Africa) – DOWNLOAD
Luke Terry, Vanguard Laundry / White Box Enterprises (Australia) – DOWNLOAD

Bradley Heslop, WSV Global (Kenya) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Enterprising job creation and income-generation solutions for refugees, migrants and returning migrants

Charlie Fraser, TERN (UK) – DOWNLOAD
Caroline Ashley, Oxfam (global)  – DOWNLOAD
Solomon Mulgeta, Eshururu (Ethiopia) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Sector focus: Social enterprises in tourism

Samrawit Moges, Travel Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
Jia-Ling Tyan, Chasen Community Development (Taiwan) – DOWNLOAD
Theodore Nzabonimpa, Beyond the Gorillas Experience (Rwanda) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Climate-smart social enterprise solutions

Jones Cecil Ntalkura, Zuwa Energy (Malawi) – DOWNLOAD
Karen Lynch, Belu Water (UK) – DOWNLOAD