DAY 3 / Friday, Oct 25

Full Plenary

Sector focus: Food-based social enterprises

Feteh Asrat, Temsalet Kitchen (Ethiopia) – DOWNLOAD
Mike Curtin, DC Central Kitchen (USA) – DOWNLOAD


Government policy, strategy and support – realising the potential of social enterprise

Janet Goulding, Government of Canada (Canada) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Sector focus: Creative and cultural social enterprises

Leila Ben-Gacem, BlueFish (Tunisia) – DOWNLOAD
Pamela Mejia, Phinix (Philippines) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Tech for Good – opportunities for social impact

Jordan Masys, Kiipo (Taiwan) – DOWNLOAD
Ernestina Appiah, Ghana Code Club (Ghana) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Consumer choices – market positioning and marketplaces

Amanda Kiessel, Good Market (Sri Lanka) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Sector focus: Agro-solutions social enterprises

Helianti Hilman, JAVARA (Indonesia) – DOWNLOAD
Jefferson Kang’ancha, Eden Horticultural Club (Kenya) – DOWNLOAD


Employment-focused social enterprises supporting disabled and disadvantaged people

Jack Su, Children are Us (Taiwan) – DOWNLOAD
Mimi Legesse, Teki Paper Bags (Ethiopia) – DOWNLOAD


Social enterprises driving the fight for gender equality – continued…

Masresha Biniam, OmniTech Consultancy PLC (Ethiopia) – DOWNLOAD
Riccarda Zezza, Maam – Life Based Value (Italy) – DOWNLOAD
Morven Cameron, Wildhearts Foundation (UK) – DOWNLOAD
Gayathri Butler, Yegna (Girl Effect) (UK) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Recycling and reuse – can social enterprises make a difference?

Andres Morales, Minca Ventures (Colombia) – DOWNLOAD
Chineyenwa Okoro Onu, Waste or Create (Ghana) – DOWNLOAD
Rashvin Pal Singh, Biji-biji (Malaysia) – DOWNLOAD
Zahara Kauffman, Felek Notebooks (Ethiopia) – DOWNLOAD

Mini Plenary

Social procurement – the potential of the public sector to create social value

David LePage, Buy Social Canada (Canada) – DOWNLOAD
Emma Joyce, Social Traders (Australia) – DOWNLOAD