Jack Su

Executive Director
Children are Us Foundation

Children Are Us Foundation (CAREUS) was founded in 1995 for creating dignity and joy for Intellectual disabilities (ID) and helping them to be fully respected. By building 33 bakeries, restaurants and shelter factories, we have provided skill training and job opportunities to more than 1,000 ID to date.

The ultimate goal of our foundation is to change the stereotype and to support them to be included in society. We have achieved 4 effects as below:

1. The Pygmalion Effect-Life Changing

2.The Black Swan Effect-Paradigm Shifting

3.The Red Queen Effect-Core Competence Establishing

4.The Butterfly Effect-Social Impact Extending

It is not easy to carry a person on shoulder, it is much more difficult to carry him on shoulder and walk for a long way, even more they are thousands of ID.

Anyone stands by us will help us being stronger. Anything integrates with our mission will make us more sustainable.

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