Zoe Chan

PuYU Horticultural Therapy Services

Zoe is a Registered Horticultural Therapist and co-founder of PuYU Horticultural Therapy Services, an accredited start-up social enterprise that provides HT services to the general public, with the focus on serving elderly with dementia. PuYU’s mission is to enhance the quality of life and slow down the degrading of cognitive functioning of the elderly in the community through innovative HT services. Research conducted to assess the effectiveness of PuYU HT programmes, has found positive effects on cognitive and psycho-social aspect and was disseminated at the 15th World Congress of Elderly Care in Chinese Community. In addition, PuYU creates shared value by providing training to engage and empower the 50+ golden agers to serve the seniors who have mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or depression, by working with them with a variety of therapeutic plant-based exercises.



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