SEWF 2019

Week overview

Education symposium

The 2019 education and academic symposium creates a space for a cross section of experts inclusive of academics and expert practitioners working in the field of social enterprise and education. The symposium is designed to create opportunities to learn and share innovative experiences framed around the role social enterprise is playing and how practitioners and academics can collaborate for greater social impact. The ticket price for this event is GBP 25, participants attending this event will get discount on the main SEWF ticket.

Youth Week

The youth week is offering an opportunity for 100 young individuals from around the globe to attend a week-long programme. The objectives are to increase youth participation in social enterprise, amplify youth voice (unemployment, education, political participation), initiate youth networks, create opportunity for investment and call for action. There will be a youth led and youth focused three days programme that will take part prior to the main forum and all participants will take part in the main forum taking place on 23 – 25 Oct 2019.