SEWF 2019

Ethiopian Cultural Evening
Addis Ababa Museum: 24 October (19.00 – 23.00)

Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country. It is also Africa’s second most populous nation and is widely believed to be the birthplace of the modern human. It’s capital Addis Ababa is often called ‘The Capital of Africa’ because it hosts the Africa Union as well as the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Ethiopia’s population is highly diverse, containing over 80 different ethnic groups. It also has 83 different languages with up to 200 different dialects spoken. It has historic links with three of the world’s oldest religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Ethiopia is steeped in tradition and so the cultural evening will provide delegates with a oneshot experience of Ethiopian traditions. Feast your taste buds with a variety of Ethiopian dishes – ranging from lamb (beg) or chicken (doro) wot (stew). Come and taste our traditional staple food injera made with superfood gluten free tef. Meander through vegan, beef, lamb and chicken dishes whilst drinking appetising Ethiopian drinks.

The entertainment will be second to none, with traditional musicians playing a variety of Ethiopian instruments such as bagena (harp), kirar (guitar), masinko (violin) and kebero (drums). This will culminate with an Ethiopian band playing music to get feet off the ground. Come join us by trying different cultural dances such as from Afar, Amahara, Gurage, Oromia and Tigray. You will have an Ethiopian experience like no other. It will be fun. The venue – Addis Ababa Musuem – includes a historic photographic review of the city.

The Ethiopian cultural evening is the perfect way to experience traditional Ethiopian dancing in a fun-filled environment with 700 of your SEWF friends. For those a bit shy or unsure, there’s a balcony mezzanine, so you can look on and still be part of the fun.

Your ticket will include food from various regions of Ethiopia. Your ticket will also enable you to enjoy a drink of your choice, non-alcoholic beer, Ethiopian beer or if you prefer soft drinks and the usual range of alcohol beverages.

The Ethiopian Cultural evening will be held at Addis Ababa Museum, behind Meskel Square. Free transport from recommended hotels will be arranged. Addis Ababa Museum is ten minutes away from the SEWF venue and located directly in front of Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Don’t miss out on a fun-filled evening. Only delegates registered to attend SEWF 2019 can add the SEWF Ethiopian Cultural Evening at Addis Ababa Museum to their booking for £40.